Pearlscent Pencil

The Pearlscent Pencil is offered in a fantastic range of popular attractive colours to suit all tastes and comes with a generous print area for your branding or message.

Special Introductory Price 20p Each*...

*Price based on qty 1000

Pearlscent Pencil


Promotional Pencils by Jott Europe

Jott's range of promotional pencils offer exception branding opportunities and at a amazing price!

Oro Pencils

The Oro pencil is a high quality wooden pencil that is available in a fantastic range of 14 colours and features a gold ferrule and white eraser.

Pearlscent Pencils

Pearlscent Pencils are NEW for 2018 and are offered in a range of popular attractive colours with a generous print area.

Popper Pencil

The Popper Pencil is a propelling pencil with a difference - remove the lead and insert into the base to propel the new point.

Rainbow Pencils

The Rainbow pencil is a wooden promotional pencil which features a foil wrap with gold ferrule and stylish pink eraser.

Sceptre Pencils

Sceptre pencils are great value wooden promotional pencils which feature a gold ferrule and an attractive pink eraser.

Shadow NE Pencils

Shadow NE Pencils come in a matt black finish and feature a domed top that comfortably fits in with the stylish design of this great promotional pencil.

Shadow WE Pencils

Shadow WE Pencils come in a matt black finish and feature a black eraser to match the stunning design of this great promotional pencil.

Standard NE Pencils

Standard NE Pencils are high quality wooden gloss promotional pencils with no eraser and are available in 11 fantastic colours.

Standard WE Pencils

Standard WE Pencils are high quality wooden promotional pencils that are available in 12 colours and feature a silver ferrule and pink eraser.

Triside Pencils

Triside pencils are a triangular shaped promotional pencils which offer printing to all sides and feature a stylish domed top.

Vogue Mechanical Pencils

The Vogue Mechanical Pencil is a very attractive promotional mechanical pencil that is finished in satin silver with a quality chrome trim.

Promotional pencils from Jott Pens rev up your branding efforts with personalised designs embedded on them. If you are satisfied with the performance of your employees and wish to give them a small gift or want to etch your services in the minds of customers forever, pencils tailored by us can cater to your needs. Compliment your business’s promotional campaign by getting in touch with our pencil designers who dedicate themselves to bringing out creations that never fail to have impact.

Save on Your Promotional Costs with Our Custom-made Craft
Jott Pens offers a comprehensive range of customised pencils from some of the biggest brands that can highlight your business message besides satisfying your sketching or writing needs. Our pencils are cost-efficient giveaways offering value and driving promotion at the same time.

Made from reusable materials like wood, the pencils can be considered as one of the few recyclable environment friendly tools in the market. Whether you want pencils with erasers or without them, our humongous range of offerings in a multitude of colours is bound to entrance you.

We also offer plastic mechanical pencils like Harrier Pencils fitted for office use and featuring a huge print area facilitating your brand’s publicity efforts. You can also choose from the 0.7mm lead Guest Pencil or the Giotto Metal Pencils with a chrome finish and shining design.

Do you have a logo idea? In case you are not satisfied with the design, share it with us. We will employ our knowledge and knowhow to shape a logo and design that instill fondness and memorability at the very first look.

Opt for Jott Pens’ pencils made of wood and plastic to take your marketing exploits a notch higher than where it stands now.