The pen is mightier than the sword!

The key to great promotion is to give your target audience something they need, like a pen. Pens are something you probably can’t go a day without needing the use of. Despite the prevalence of computers, tablets and smartphones in our professional and personal lives we still rely on pens when making notes or signing documents. You have a chance to provide this simple item, with your logo or message printed on the side and become part of your potential customers’ everyday routine.

Pens as promotional items are not merely a generic choice for any type of business. A pen is a useful, professional piece of equipment, unlike for example a badge, which merely bears a logo or message but is of no use. Furthermore the style of pen you choose should reflect your business so for example if you’re a travelling circus a fun red plastic pen with a clown design is appropriate whereas a clean corporate logo engraved in clean lines on a brushed metal pen is more suited to a solicitor’s office.

Making sure your potential customers use your pen is another matter. Despite receiving something for free most of us still seek out quality. You want the user to be happy with the pen they receive- remember that it bears your name. This ensures the pen will be used rather than thrown straight in the bin and it also reflects well on your business, imbuing your services with same qualities. At Jott Pens we emphasise quality, durability and innovation throughout our entire stock.

Consider some of these smart and handy pens for your business:

  • The ‘never lose it again’ pen aka The Key Shuttle Ball Pen is the ultimate travelling promotional pen. It has a keyring attachment so the user can take it anywhere. They’ll never spend another minute searching for a pen when they’re out and about and your name will be seen far and wide. The ball point tip retracts to protect it from knocks and to prevent unwanted pen marks during transportation.
  • The classic Parker pen. Parker pens emanate professionalism and reliability, not to mention style and expense. The weight and sleek design assure the user of its quality and in doing so transfer that sense of quality back to your business. Although Parker are most well known for their fountain tips these are less practical now in modern working life. Our selection of Parker Jotter Pens are handy and modern, retaining the same high level of quality that made the Parker brand great. Engrave or print your logo on these superb pens for as little as £4.55 each.
  • The Eco Pen. Our new on-trend range of environmentally friendly pens will suit any business but in particular these pens are great for businesses that are concerned with the environment. Companies such as recycling firms, green architects or any other business with a strong green policy can carry their ethos through to their promotional goods. The Kiki Green Ball Pen is made from cornstarch, utilising an abundant bi-product that is entirely biodegradable.
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