Hi-Spin Highlighter

A novelty fidget spinner highlighter with practical functionality is this 2-1 Highlighter Pen featuring 3 attractive markers.

Special Introductory Price £1.31 Each*...

*Price based on qty 500

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Promotional Highlighter Pens by Jott Europe

Jott's range of promotional highlighter pens offer exception branding opportunities and at a amazing price!

Duo Highlighter Pens

Duo Highlighter Pens are 2-1 rectangle highlighter pens which offer a fabulous print area to help you get the most out of your marketing.
Duo Highlighter Pens

Helios Highlighter Pens

Helios Highlighter pens offer 5-1 Flower shaped promotional highlighter pen with excellent print area to get your message out in a big way.
Helios Highlighter

Hi-5 Highlighter Pens

Hi-5 Highlighter pens are a fun hand-shaped promotional highlighter with five popular colour inks with cap colours that match the colours inside.
Hi Five Pens

Hi-Spin Highlighter Pens

Hi-Spin Highlighter Pensare a novelty fidget spinner highlighter with practical functionality is this 2-1 Highlighter Pen featuring 3 attractive markers.

Mr Pen Highlighter Pens

The Mr Pen Highlighter pen is a novelty mop head promotional highlighter pen that features a quality twist-action mechanism!

Rubiks Highlighter Pens

Rubiks Highlighter pens are a 3-1 highlighter promotional pen with bespoke and quirky design that is sure to get your clients talking.
Rubiks Highlighter Pens

Splash Highlighter Pens

Splash Highlighter pens are a fun splash shaped promotional highlighter pen that are available in 5 amazing colours.
Splash Highlighter Pen

Square Highlighter Pens

Square Highlighter Pens are a 4-1 highlighter pen with excellent print area and full colour print available on request, just at Jott for details.
Square Highlighter

Starlight Highlighter Pens

Starlight Highlighter pens are a star shape highlighter featuring a cap that represents colour ink and offer an excellent print area with full colour printing available.
Star Highlighter Pen

Branding opportunities can be taken to a new level, thanks to highlighter pens from Jott Pens. We make sure that you can present your customers with highlighter pens that carry your brand’s name and logo on expanded print space. Our presence in the field for several years has made us a well-known and renowned name in the world of marketing tools made at cost-efficient rates.

Stay in the Limelight with Our Appealing Creations
Helios Highlighter Pens, Duo Highlighter Pens, Splash Highlighter Pens, and Triangular Highlighter Pens are some of the highlighters you can try out. Just take a look at our website to acquaint yourself with the various types of highlighter pens we have on display. With quirky design and colourful facade these pens are perfect to grab the attention of your target audience.

No matter what domain you are in and what audience you have in mind, we can create customised highlighter pens for you. Just order online and wait for the bulk shipment to reach your address within the given deadline.

Made with your end users and their satisfaction in mind, we put forward jaw-dropping creative expertise and aptitude. Our team will not rest till it is convinced that the work is up to the mark and not an inch below that.

Ensure you leave a mark with your customers in the same manner a highlighter does. Get in touch with us to discuss your preferences. We extensively study your requirements inside out to bring to you highlighter pens of the highest quality.